Unleash Me, Vol. 2 (Unleash Me #2)

by Christina Ross

4.25 · 8 ratings · Published: Mar 31st, 2014  | 

Unleash Me, Vol. 2 by Christina Ross
Note: You must read Volume 1 before reading this volume.

Description: Take one person. One life. And destroy it completely.

Lisa Ward is that person—and right now? Her life is on the line. The questions is who is after her? Her ex-boyfriend, who is a homeless drunk addicted to meth? Her editor, whose altercation with Lisa sends him to the bitter edges of revenge? Or because of Lisa’s rising fame—and all the pitfalls that come with fame—could it be somebody else entirely?

As the pressures mount and as the threats escalate, Lisa’s boyfriend, Tank—a former SEAL—quickly rises up to protect her. Their bond becomes stronger than ever, their unwavering love for each other the one thing that Lisa believes might get her through the ongoing threats against her life.

But is even Tank enough to help her survive this? After all, the person who wants her dead is as bright as he is cunning, and he’s not above killing the love of Lisa’s life should he get in the way.

As the twists turn and her world darkens, Lisa’s life is thrown off balance in ways that send her into a whirlwind of the unknown.

This story unfolds over three volumes between 35,000 and 45,000 words each.

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Unleash Me, Vol. 2 by Christina Ross