Lost In Magic (Return to Avalore #4)

by Elianne Adams

4.33 · 3 ratings · Published: May 19th, 2015  | 

Lost In Magic by Elianne Adams
From the moment she set eyes on Aiken Mayfield, Mari was certain of one thing—he was her predestined mate. On a quest to find the answers to why the people of Avalore can no longer shift, Mari unwittingly unleashes powers within her she never knew she had. But without proper training, that very power drains her energy, threatening to kill her.

Willing to do anything to save Mari, Aiken embarks on a journey with her to find a lost the lost settlement of mages beyond their borders. They hold the answers to restore her to full health, but when the solution puts her in the arms of another man, can Aiken do what’s right and step aside?

A hunter for their people, Rogan, a jaguar shifter, never imagined finding his mate, much less have it be an Avalorian female, but mates are rare, and he’ll stop at nothing to keep her.

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Lost In Magic by Elianne Adams