You'll Understand When You're Dead (Broken Heart #12)

by Michele Bardsley

3.75 · 8 ratings · Published: Jun 2nd, 2015  | 

You'll Understand When You're Dead by Michele Bardsley
Las Vegas housewife Melanie Whitmore is in the middle of a divorce with her cheating husband. The mother of a 12-year-old boy, she's spent her entire marriage being a wife and mother.

Then she dies.

And wakes up a vampire.

Then her almost ex-husband dies.

He doesn't wake up. Probably because whoever stabbed him to death wanted him to stay dead.

Now, she's trying to figure out how to be undead, navigate old relationships (a college boyfriend who's been a vampire cop this whole time? Really?), solve the murder of her ex-husband, and deal with her new friends in the paranormal world - mainly the citizens of Broken Heart and the very scary Ash, a paranormal PI with an agenda of her own.

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You'll Understand When You're Dead by Michele Bardsley