Heavy and Hot (Heavy #3)

by Octavia Wildwood

4.00 · 2 ratings · Published: Feb 12th, 2015  | 

Heavy and Hot by Octavia Wildwood
Hayley is desperate for her happily ever after. She has the perfect guy and she's even learning to love her curves as much as he does. She should be ecstatic, right?

But there are problems. Why do there always have to be problems?!

Hayley feels unfulfilled. She lived her entire life for her ex and is terrified of falling back into old habits. As much as she loves Brandon, she can't lose herself again.

Brandon isn't happy either. He hates being famous. But he doesn't know how to walk away from his band without feeling guilty.

It gets worse.

When a mentally unstable fan from Brandon's past reappears, Hayley sees the dark side of fame up close and personal. She's never cared that her man is a celebrity, but maybe she should...after all, it could wind up costing him his life!

Maybe ordinary girls like Hayley don't get happy endings. That's certainly the way it's beginning to look. Was she foolish to believe she and Brandon were meant to be? Was she stupid to think life would work out in the end?

This book contains explicit adult situations.
It is the third part of the Heavy trilogy.

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Heavy and Hot by Octavia Wildwood