A Wolf's Fate: The Holiday Ball

by Marie Mason

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A Wolf's Fate: The Holiday Ball by Marie Mason
Gunner Barringer was attending The Holiday Ball under duress and out of respect for his brother, the new alpha of the pack. He stood in the shadows, hiding. There was nothing for him here tonight. He’d enjoyed the annual event a time or two as a younger wolf. After all, it didn’t get the nickname f*** ball for nothing. But now he was a wolf broken in both body and soul. He had no desire to find a mate and no business being here.

What Gunner had forgotten was more than one match had been made on the night of a full moon when the world was filled with the magic of the holidays.

Autumn Covington was rare in the supernatural world—she was a peace pixie. Which just sucked in the middle of a f*** fest. Instead of giving off vibes of lust and wantonness, like her pencil thin, blonde haired cousins, she calmed the savage beast. Plus, she was the plumpest of pixie at the ball so her chances of finding a mate were…well slim to none. So, she’d just work the crowd as she’d been hired to do—sprinkle sparkles of calming pink so the horny wolves didn’t get out control.

That’s what she’d planned to do until the wolf in the shadows decided he wanted her all for himself.

This is the second book in The Holiday Ball trilogy and features a plump pixie with a hint of witch and a big, bad wolf who's scarred in both mind and body.

Book 1 - A Wolf's Claim
Book 2 - A Wolf's Fate
Book 3 - A Wolf's Desire

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A Wolf's Fate: The Holiday Ball by Marie Mason