Alone With A Cowboy

by Avril Adams

3.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Sep 1st, 2015  | 

Alone With A Cowboy by Avril Adams
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Mail Order Bride - Western Romance

Kate is a reporter for the Sydney Daily Press when she gets the assignment she wasn’t waiting for. Dreading the fact that she has to go into the tropical outback to report on damage caused by a cyclone that had devastated the area earlier in the year, she was especially not looking forward to doing it on her own.

Having never really been out of the city before, she knew she would need help to navigate the unfamiliar land up north. Deciding to hire a local from a tour guide agency to take her around so that she could get her story, Kate never expected she’s wish she had done it on her own. Lucas was snippy and unpleasant, making fun of her at every chance he got. When things get heated and their stubbornness gets the better of them, Kate finds herself in a position where she wishes she hadn’t driven him away. Did she get herself into a deadly situation? Will Lucas be able to forgive her before it’s too late?

'Alone With A Cowboy' is tagged as:

  • western 15
  • contemporary 15
  • historical 15
  • historical western 10
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Alone With A Cowboy by Avril Adams