Funeral Singer: A Song for Marielle

by Lillian I. Wolfe

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Funeral Singer: A Song for Marielle by Lillian I. Wolfe
A freaky new ability causes a young singer to question her sanity, her faith and her willingness to embrace a new dimension to her talent.

Singing at weddings, parties, holiday events and street fairs with her band are all just another gig for Gillian Foster, a dog groomer by day and a for-hire musician/singer whenever an opportunity arises. One snowy night, an accidental slip on the ice after a wedding appears to have given her more than just a slight concussion as she begins to have unusual full-color dreams.
While Gillian is surprised to be asked to sing at a funeral, she accepts the paying job. But that’s when she discovers that she has gained a new ability connected to her music. She can see the deceased. Not only that, she can help him cross over.
Puzzled and frightened by this event, she turns to her best friend Janna, who is a psychic believer for advice. Even though she is starting a budding romance with the emergency doctor, Gillian doesn’t want to tell him about the experience, afraid he will think she’s a lunatic.
But this new ability can also lead her to more trouble than she could ever imagine as one of her spirit clients, a young girl named Marielle, demands her assistance in locating the person who killed her.

“Funeral Singer: A Song for Marielle” is a paranormal suspense with a touch of romance along the lines of “Ghost Whisperer”, “Touched By an Angel” and “Medium.” It is the first “Funeral Singer” book in a planned series of spirit mysteries.

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Funeral Singer: A Song for Marielle by Lillian I. Wolfe