Brick House

by Keith Thomas Walker

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Brick House by Keith Thomas Walker
Korah Stewart and Brock “Brick” Avery are contractors competing for a multi-million dollar project. Korah is not above using her feminine allure to her advantage. And Brick, an ultra-sexy cowboy, will stop at nothing to catapult his company to the forefront of the Texas construction scene. Sparks fly when the powerhouses collide vowing to take all or nothing in the boardroom as well as the bedroom.

●●●●● Excerpt ●●●●●

“Anything you tell me to do, I’ll probably do the opposite,” Korah said as she watched him.

“Well, in that case don’t go out with me again,” Brick said. “Don’t invite me into your home, and certainly don’t ever come to my home – or my ranch.”

He offered his fork with a juicy bite of lobster speared. Rather than lean over the table and allow him to feed her, Korah took the fork from him and fed herself. She returned his utensil as she chewed the delicious morsel.

“Is that really your ranch?” she asked, “on your website?”

He nodded. “It’s been in the family for years. It’s all mine now.”

“And I guess you have horses and cows and stuff?”

“No cows,” he said, hypnotizing her with his intense gaze again. “But I do have horses. Would you like to go one day? You wanna ride my horse?”

Korah did not miss the innuendo, nor did she back down. “Where is it located?”

“Lewisville. I have a ranch hand who lives there full-time. He takes care of things while I’m away.”

“What else you got on your ranch?” Korah asked.

“Actually, I could show you better than I could tell you,” Brick said. “Are you saying you do wanna ride my horse?”

His boldness made Korah’s clit quiver.

“I haven’t ridden a horse in years,” she replied. “I’m worried I might fall off.”

“You gotta hold the reigns tight,” Brick advised. “You gotta wrap your legs around him and squeeze a little, with your thighs. And if you do fall off, you gotta get right back on, and we’ll take it a little slower.”

Korah grinned. “I don’t know what you’re thinking about, but I’m only talking about riding a horse.”

“Oh, well here, have some more wine,” Brick said and commenced to fill her glass.

Korah couldn’t help but laugh at that.


© Keith Thomas Walker

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Brick House by Keith Thomas Walker