Madly In Love : The Novella

by Colet Abedi

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Madly In Love : The Novella by Colet Abedi

Twenty-three year old Sophie Walker is in big trouble. She defied her parents and dropped out of law school. She broke up with her perfect, longtime boyfriend. She spent all of her life’s savings on a whirlwind trip to the Maldives. And while “finding herself” she handed her virginity and heart over to the charismatic, alluring and seductive Clayton Astor Sinclair. A man she thought was too good to be true and as luck goes, (since she believes hers royally sucks), her knight turned out to be tarnished and broke her heart.

Now back in Los Angeles and faced with the daunting task of pursuing her dream to become an artist, while trying to get over the only man who ever made her feel passion, she feels like her life is over before it’s even begun.

The problem is, she just can't forget him...

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Madly In Love : The Novella by Colet Abedi