p.j. lazos

by P.J. Lazos

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p.j. lazos by P.J. Lazos
If your name is your destiny then Belinda should have had it made. Belinda thinks a person’s name is her power, her potential, and her possibility, all things she seriously lacks, so on her 25th birthday, just to dare fate, Belinda races off to City Hall, intent on changing her name along with her destiny. She never makes it. Instead she runs into Ted, her narcissistic, self-absorbed, future ex-husband who is determined to help Belinda maintain her doormat status for at least another decade. When the patterns she’s developed in childhood with her sister, Simone, begin to replay themselves with Ted, Belinda finally realizes it’s time to retreat and regroup. Yet days can turn into decades for the consciously challenged, and Belinda soon finds the scar tissue from her dysfunctional, formative years to be more tenacious then her best intentions. Since the only way to combat the past is to reach out and throttle it, Belinda calls Simone, but by the time the sisters reconnect, Simone has one foot in the grave and a list of secrets that could burn the most formidable house down. Alone again, does the perky Belinda have the resiliency and strength of spirit to face her demons or will she let those closest to her decide her fate?

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p.j. lazos by P.J. Lazos