Billionaire's Hidden Desire

by T. Massey

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Billionaire's Hidden Desire by T. Massey
Lipstick stains on his collar, late nights at the office, and another woman’s perfume carrying gently across the evening breeze can only mean one thing. Howard is the only man Marla has ever loved. Marla cannot believe that he would betray her, but the signs are too obvious to ignore. When she first finds out that her husband is having an affair Marla feels like her world is falling apart. She soon finds herself alone and penniless, forced to turn to a complete stranger for aid.

Paul is a billionaire who is just getting out of a bad marriage himself. He’s had months to come to terms with the fact that the woman he loves married him for his money and is now having affairs behind his back left and right. Though he has sworn not to get involved with any women until his divorce is final he cannot let Marla end up on the street, can he? Unsure of where else to turn, Marla quickly becomes close to Paul. His strength helps her through each day. They could be just the thing to mend each other’s broken hearts. Can Paul deny his powerful attraction to Marla until his divorce is final and he is free to pursue her? Can Marla learn to trust again so soon after her heart has been torn in two?

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