The Highland Curse (Scottish Strife #2)

by Dana D'Angelo

4.00 · 3 ratings · Published: Sep 2nd, 2015  | 

The Highland Curse by Dana D'Angelo
Adrina MacGill sees and hears things that no ordinary lass can. At first she attributes the visions and whispers as nothing more than her overactive imagination. But when everyone she loves is cursed by an evil enchantment, she's forced to acknowledge the sinister reality. Following her inner guidance, she travels to Tancraig Castle where unexpected aid comes from a bold Highlander. But even though the handsome warrior repels her, she's drawn to his electrifying kisses.

Duncan MacGregon scorns superstition and anything that isn't rational and logical. When a pretty lass shows up at his brother's castle, he's skeptical about her and her fantastic tale. War is looming on the horizon, and he must strategize and gear up for battle. So when Duncan is commissioned to escort the attractive lass home, he balks at the task. Yet despite his resistance, he feels an irrational, scorching desire for the beauty. And as they continue their journey through the highlands, mysterious things start to occur. Was Adrina telling the truth after all?

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The Highland Curse by Dana D'Angelo