Rescued by the Shifters

by Fiona Knightingale

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Rescued by the Shifters by Fiona Knightingale
Sometimes it takes two

Aleah and Jerome are a black couple that have been together since college. They fell in love and were married as soon as they graduated. That was four years ago. Today Jerome has nothing to do with his wife because of the weight that she has gained. Aleah does her best to make her husband happy, but is constantly rejected for being a BBW.

With a conference taking place in Niribu Jerome decides to use it as an excuse to go and to justify it, he tells his wife that it is her anniversary present. Aleah is not suspicious of her husband. She has learned through numerous beatings that she had to do what he said but little does Jerome know that once he gets to Niribu he will never hit his wife again.

When Aleah meets Stephen and Adam she feels like she is in a dream. Beautiful Niribuians that are taking on the form of white men. After Aleah has the time of her life with them, she will have to handle the consequences and decide whether she should tell her husband what she had done.

WARNING: The ebook contains mature language and content. It is intended for 18+ readers only!

'Rescued by the Shifters' is tagged as:

  • multicultural 85
  • bwwm 70
  • science fiction 70
  • futuristic 70
  • paranormal 5
  • fantasy 5
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Rescued by the Shifters by Fiona Knightingale