The Rancher, Gentrys of Montana 1 (The Gentrys of Montana #1)

by Hildie McQueen

4.00 · 2 ratings · Published: Sep 3rd, 2015  | 

The Rancher, Gentrys of Montana 1 by Hildie McQueen
Sometimes love enteres during the worst times in life.

Grant Gentry and his brother are attacked on their way back from a cattle drive. Left for dead, he manages to get to the road and is picked up by a traveling salesman. He wakes up a few miles from home being cared for by two elderly sisters and a young woman they've taken in. His goal becomes to get better and find his brother; this is not the time to find love.

Julia Cutler's life has been anything but easy. After a disastrous marriage to a ruthless man, she settles into a comfortable life helping out the Sullivan sisters in exchange for room and board. When sparks fly between her and the man she's grown to care for, she allows nature to take it's course not planning for anything past the moment.

When the man that attacked Grant turns out to be Julia's husband, things are about to get complicated.

Sensual Western Historical Romance

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The Rancher, Gentrys of Montana 1 by Hildie McQueen