Watching Aubrey

by Dani Matthews, S. R. James

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Watching Aubrey by Dani Matthews, S. R. James
He watches me from his window next door.

He watches me undress…

He watches me sleep…

His name is Jax, and he’s my new neighbor. His window faces mine, and I get a thrill out of knowing he finds me sexy. He brings out a side of me that I didn’t know I had, and soon, I find myself determined to get to know him. I have the entire summer to enjoy this game we’ve started before he goes back to college, and for the first time in my life, I feel like I am free to move on from my past.

Then there’s Aiden, my stepbrother. He is everything to me, and I would do absolutely anything for him. He’s the one person in my life that I’ve always been able to count on, and I can’t imagine a life without him. I want them both in my life, but they make it next to impossible. Jax thinks Aiden’s too possessive of me, and Aiden is certain Jax has ulterior motives and will hurt me. I’m going to have to make a decision, but what happens when my past and present collide? The past is not what it seems, and my relationship with Aiden is changing…

It’s not long before my head is spinning with lies and accusations of something unbelievably sick and twisted. It’s apparent something is very wrong, but who is telling me the truth, and who is lying?

Which one do I trust? The boy next door…

Or my stepbrother, who’s always been my protector?

This book is recommended for ages eighteen and over due to mature subject content and sexual situations.

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Watching Aubrey by Dani Matthews, S. R. James