Sweet Love Returned

by Abigail Buckley

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Sweet Love Returned by Abigail Buckley

There is always a second chance to find love...

A beautiful sweet story to inspire hope...

Calleigh had been living to work longer than she could remember, racking up months of unused vacation time in the process. With no one to share it with, what was the point of taking it anyhow – especially with all the guilt tripping she would get from her high pressure job. But finally one day she hears the call of Scotland…where she spent a semester abroad years ago. Why not? It would be nice to get away…But who could have imagine she would see Dixon again…her first love…the sweet Scottish Lad who had stolen her heart (and kept it all these years) before they both decided (why had they decided that?) that it just wasn’t going to work out. It just wasn’t practical...Now so many years later, and with far more to for each of them to lose on both sides of the Atlantic, will they once again “be practical”? or will they put their faith in love…

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Sweet Love Returned by Abigail Buckley