An Inescapable Attraction (The Defiant Hearts Series #3)

by Sydney Jane Baily

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Dec 10th, 2013  | 

An Inescapable Attraction by Sydney Jane Baily
Eliza Prentice didn't anticipate finding herself fevered and hitching a ride aboard a stifling boxcar. Escaping Jack Stoddard, a murdering gambler who kidnapped her over an unpaid debt, was bad enough. Worse, the concerned man kneeling beside her is the only man she ever loved... and betrayed.

Thaddeus Sanborn has always loved Eliza, despite her betrayal. Now heading east, the last person he expects to find is Eliza and discover she is running from the same man he is desperately trying to avoid.

But escaping another broken heart proves more difficult for Thaddeus when pent-up passions become an all-consuming inferno, and Eliza disappears—again.

Aboard Stoddard's riverboat, against her will, Eliza faces an all-or-nothing game with Thaddeus's life hanging in the balance.

An Intriguing Proposition
An Improper Situation
An Irresistible Temptation
An Inescapable Attraction

Sydney Jane Baily completed her first novel at the tender age of 17. Thankfully, that manuscript resides in an undisclosed secure location. After spending years as a book editor, Sydney is thrilled to be crafting her own stories of a bygone era. She resides in New England with her family—human, feline, and canine.

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An Inescapable Attraction by Sydney Jane Baily