Coral (A Romance Trilogy #1)

by Clair Delaney

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Coral by Clair Delaney
CORAL - A Romance Trilogy (Book 1) What if you had to face your deepest, darkest fears for the one thing you truly want? When Coral Stevens is given the shocking news that her boss is selling the company, she instantly feels like her controlled, uncomplicated world is being thrown upside down. The she meets her new boss to be, the enigmatic Tristan Freeman. Deeply troubled by how attracted she is to him, she warns him to stay away, that she's not good for him, yet Tristan pursues her. Fate will help Tristan along the way, and put him in Coral's path when she least expects it, and when she needs him more than she knows; but with the ghosts of her past still haunting her, can Coral finally exorcise these demons and allow the irresistible Tristan into her heart? Excerpt from the book...

I sigh heavily and stare back at my reflection. My coral-blue eyes are wide and full of fear, like a deer staring at a pair of headlights. I have to wonder if it has anything to do with Mr Moneybags? With feelings that I know are trying to surface? I shake my head at myself - You cannot allow any man to get under your skin Coral, not ever, you hear me? I nod vigorously in agreement with myself, take a deep breath, square my shoulders and march out of the ladies. I walk along the hallway, down the small flight of stairs and into the reception area to meet Mr bloody Freeman and his team...

As he turns around and looks at me - I instantly stop walking towards them. I think my heart has relocated itself somewhere in my throat, and I have the strangest feeling spreading within me, like every single cell in my body as awoken. And there's this weird, magnetic pull that feels as though my whole body is being pulled helplessly towards him. What the fuck is that? - I frown at the floor and place my hand on my stomach - Am I getting sick?

As I look up, I see he is frowning deeply at me in the most peculiar way, and as we stand staring at each other, I'm struck with the strangest feeling of all - I feel like I'm finally home? Whoa! - I feel like my world has just tipped upside down. I shake my head slightly to try and get myself together, and when I do, I notice they are all staring at me, and then back at him in wonder. Especially the leggy blonde, she doesn't look happy at all. Maybe she's shagging him?

His eyes narrow for a moment, his gaze intense. I feel like he can see straight through me. He clenches his jaw, then walks graciously towards me. Oh God, my legs feel like jelly! I can't breathe!

"Coral?" His voice is low and husky, yet soft.

"Yes." I answer breathlessly. Why is my heart beating so erratically?

"Tristan Freeman." He holds his hand out for me to shake it, I hesitate for a moment, frightened by the propect of it, it's almost as if I know that if I do, that will be it, that will be the end of life as I know it. I look down at his hand, shakily reach out and place my hand in his. His breath catches with the contact. My eyes shoot up to meet his and I'm surprised to see his eyes widen, his chocolate eyes growing darker in colour - Ok, that's weird, what is that?

A strange, wonderful, exhilirating feeling is raging through my system, making all coherent thoughts dissapear, except for what it would feel like to have his lips brush against mine - Fuck, this really isn't good!

The first installment in this romantic trilogy, Coral is a beautiful, contemporary love story of a young woman's fight for survival, and above all, love.

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Coral by Clair Delaney