Last Best Hope

by T.C. Butts

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Last Best Hope by T.C. Butts
From her home in the Colorado Rockies, reclusive Charlie watches the stunning star-filled sky when fireballs begin to rain down on the city below...Denver is destroyed. When she learns that most of the life on this planet is gone, she takes shelter in a a large cave cut deep into the mountainside, and then is joined by other refugees. From that moment on her life swerves down a path completely unexpected. She reconnects with people, and in a time of traumatic events, finds love and hope again. Charlie diaries the events following a catastrophic attack on this planet. This is the story of the people who travel this path with her, who become family. Can they keep their humanity...find happiness when the world they knew is shattered forever? As they struggle to find out what is left for the remaining members of the human race, will they someday face the unseen enemy? Will they ever be safe again? Follow Charlie's journey into a world where survival means more than staying alive.

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  • science fiction 5
  • fantasy 5
  • futuristic 5
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Last Best Hope by T.C. Butts