Free Pass

by Allie Kincheloe

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Free Pass by Allie Kincheloe
Her two weeks of freedom...

My comfortable existence is shaken by a simple picture. A single cell phone snap delivered photographic proof of the years I wasted on a guy who couldn't keep his dick in his pants over spring break. I'm done. But then Austin blurts out this ridiculous idea to even the score. Two weeks with any guy I choose? After a few brief fantasies, I hardly give his plan a thought ... until I stumble into the path of a guy most definitely not on my list. Now Jake's the only possibility I can bring myself to consider and the one man Austin has forbidden.

His only chance...

For three years now, I've been in love with a girl who's off limits. Some lines a man just can't cross. Going after your brother's girl is one of them. But when Austin screws up, I finally get my shot. Getting Laney to pick me for the short-term was the easy part. Convincing her that I'm the right brother for the long-term? Not so simple.

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Free Pass by Allie Kincheloe