Creatus Eidolon (Creatus #3)

by Carmen DeSousa

4.17 · 6 ratings · Published: Oct 6th, 2014  | 

Creatus Eidolon by Carmen DeSousa
Not all phantoms are myths…

For four thousand years, creatus have concealed themselves from the humans who hunted them almost to extinction. Now, one rogue faction wants the world to know they exist.

Meghan only wants to be normal, and for the first time in her life, she feels she might have a chance to be herself.

As she finds herself between creatus families with different ideals and their roles within the human race, she struggles to find her way. Only, her path leads her right into the arms of a wanted man.

Not only will she have to fight for the man she loves, she'll have to fight for her very life.

The Creatus Series is not your typical paranormal's a realistic romantic mystery based on the myths you've heard your entire life. Prepare to believe...

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  • urban fantasy 5
  • young adult 5
  • vampires 5
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Creatus Eidolon by Carmen DeSousa