The Shadow Guardian

by Callie Browning

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Aug 23rd, 2013  | 

The Shadow Guardian by Callie Browning
Bad luck seems to be following Rachel Stephens. First she loses her job, suspects she's pregnant and has to end her toxic relationship with a handsome doctor.

When a duppy, a legendary Caribbean creature, visits Rachel late one night it sets off a chain of events that could threaten Rachel's life...and the lives of those around her. The duppy is a complex spirit most noted for haunting the dreams of their enemies, but are also known for their mischievous - and sometimes malicious - antics.

The daunting visitor brings Rachel a message – one that can’t be ignored. Now Rachel must find a way to stop the bad luck the omen brings, before there’s no turning back.

Set in the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados, this is a thrilling tale of intrigue and suspense that will leave readers wanting more.

'The Shadow Guardian' is tagged as:

  • young adult 5
  • humor 5
  • suspense 5
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The Shadow Guardian by Callie Browning