A silent romance

by J.R. Askov

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A silent romance by J.R. Askov
You know romance. You know friendship. This time is different.

Let's say you are bisexual, you are liberated, you are at college to open your mind and you know the only limits are those you set yourself. That doesn't mean you can come on to a random guy, ask for his phone number or that smiling a little too much won't get you punched. So you go to gay clubs sometimes and you sleep with men; but relationships? Those you do with women, it's just easier that way, less questions asked and someone else in charge of navigating the emotional minefield of romance. You speak of your feelings when they ask, you are available but not forthcoming. That is what it means to be a man, isn't it? You can't even picture a relationship with another man, who would say the things that need saying if neither of you is supposed to talk about feelings?

3,000+ words. Includes almost 4,000 of samples of other works by the same publisher.

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A silent romance by J.R. Askov