Seduced by the Italian Tycoon

by Clare Connelly

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Seduced by the Italian Tycoon by Clare Connelly
Life hasn't been kind to Emily Parker. Orphaned by an accident and tasked with raising her young brother, she works hard as a housekeeper at a top London hotel just to make ends meet. Her cherished hope of becoming a professional artist is a pipe dream she can no longer see.

When the same fate that stole her parents from her throws the ruthless and powerful Sabato Montepulciano into her path, everything she thinks she knows about the world is rocked to the core. His seduction is swift and her heart is lost to the handsome tycoon. But Sabato isn't offering more than a weekend of pleasure. Why would he to someone like Emily, when he can have any woman he wants?

Emily determines to forget him; to pick up the threads of her old life and be content once again. Only Sabato isn't done with her. A tempting offer that could make all her dreams come true is too good to refuse - but does it come at a price? What will Emily have to gamble, and will it be worth it?

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Seduced by the Italian Tycoon by Clare Connelly