A Betrayal on Two Counts

by Sarah Sethline

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A Betrayal on Two Counts by Sarah Sethline
"Would you ever consider fucking someone who's married?"
Jack was the only guy that Amy had ever been with. Not only did she give him her heart, but also *her first time*. But what they shared together lacked passion -- it wasn't the pussy-wetting, panty-dropping, heavy-panting kind of love Amy had always hoped for. She commits to Jack, anyway, underestimating the importance of being compatible between the sheets .

Two years into their relationship, Amy meets up with some of Jack's work buddies at a bar. This is when she first lays eyes on Eric . He has so much more to say about life and the big issues compared to Jack, and Amy can't help but find this irresistibly sexy . She starts to wonder what it would feel like to have someone other than Jack inside of her, someone like Eric...

This hot romance quickie contains numerous steamy scenes and is intended for mature readers (18+).

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  • contemporary 5
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A Betrayal on Two Counts by Sarah Sethline