Losing Pieces of Me

by Rose Briner

3.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Sep 5th, 2015  | 

Losing Pieces of Me by Rose Briner
My name is Mireya Morehouse. I live in a big fancy house and have everything that money could ever buy. But what if I told you that everything about my life here is a lie?

I married a rich and powerful businessman who I barely knew. He took me away from my previous life life and gave me a new one with no questions asked.

But I have a secret. I only married him so I could find my sister. He doesn’t know that part.
But as with most things, nothing is ever as it appears, and things never work out the way you expect them to. I wasn’t supposed to love him. Hell, I wasn’t even supposed to like him, but here we are and now I’m screwed.

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Losing Pieces of Me by Rose Briner