Spinning Out Of Control

by Vickie McDonough

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Sep 1st, 2006  | 

Spinning Out Of Control by Vickie McDonough
After both her parents die and Amy is left destitute, she has no choice but to sell everything and seek out her next of kin, her cousin Kathryn, only to find that she'll soon be gone, too. With Kathryn dying, Amy is unexpectedly thrown into the position of mother and homemaker. and she can't comprehend how a loving God could allow a young mother to die when her babies need her so much. Knowing what her father was like, Amy refuses to trust any man; so she doesn't understand when Kathryn's husbands returns and wants to be a part of his children's lives. When Micah Walsh returns home to find he has a new baby, a daughter who doesn't remember him, and a wife who ha passed away, the thought of going right out to the woods looks better and better. But he might just stay to figure out who this woman is who has taken Kathryn's place. Does God have a plan for Micah and Amy, whose lives seem to be spinning out of control?

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Spinning Out Of Control by Vickie McDonough