Maria's Yearning: The Younger Stepbrother

by Sherri Hogan

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Maria's Yearning: The Younger Stepbrother by Sherri Hogan
Maria and Matthew were forced together as siblings from a young age. The parents didn't seem to care whether they would get along well with each other her not. Unfortunately for them they ended up getting along too well, and now they’re stuck with lustful feelings for one another.

Maria had never done well with boys, and Matthew wasn't and exception to this rule. He was able to make her blush by just being in his presence, and she wasn't happy about it. Matthew's fun and games get a little too serious causing serious harm to Maria.

The two adults were now stuck in their parent's summer home and slowly driving each other crazy. What will be the last straw causing this star crossed lovers to break finally free from the chains that their parent's had put upon them in order to finally be together once and for all?

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