Rainbow Reader Gray: Surrender (Rainbow Reader #8)

by Adam Stevens

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Rainbow Reader Gray: Surrender by Adam Stevens
Rainbow Reader GRAY: Surrender

Fiction is a lie, but there is truth behind every lie.

Georgie’s 30 year journey spans the entire Rainbow Reader series and can be read in any order. However, for readers interested in following the timeline in complete continuity, the proper reading order for the series begins with the unpublished, “Pink: The Secret Manuscript,” and continues directly into “Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple.”

The timeline continues quite chronologically into the three “Moments in Time” novels.

Following the three “Moments in Time” novels, the story and timeline then continues to spin off different characters’ timelines in order to give the reader an all-encompassing, comprehensive and truly relative reading experience about the characters’ lives as they all develop individually.

The Rainbow Reader series begins again after the three novels with “White: Educating Hayden,” “Gray: Surrender,” and will continue into “Black: Secrets,” “Brown: Reconnect,” and the final Rainbow Reader of the year, “Silver & Gold: True Loves Kiss.”

“Gray: Surrender” Features Ian continuing his journey from his last adventures in the “Rainbow Reader White: Educating Hayden” and is sure to surprise some readers with the tragic fact of reality that results from bullying, teen homelessness and depression. Ian is so confidently trying to overcome his insecurities, which is handled by his excessive sexual encounters. It is an emotionally alluring tale of compromise and transition dealing with depression and control surrendering and submitting to your deepest darkest demon.

There is no better fiction, than the truth.

Enjoy the eighth in the Rainbow Reader Series, “Gray: Surrender.”

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Rainbow Reader Gray: Surrender by Adam Stevens