Taken by the Well-Endowed Lord

by Diana Quippley

3.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Sep 5th, 2015  | 

Taken by the Well-Endowed Lord by Diana Quippley
Unexpected, thick and throbbing passion!

Anna is a young, attractive, lower-class girl ... who just happens to spend most of her time fantasizing about the older, handsome noblemen of the town. The gents that she doesn't have a chance of ever marrying -- what would they ever see in a youthful dreamer like her, with nothing to offer? Or so she thought...

But one day, while delivering a parcel to one of the fancy shops... she unknowingly stumbles into the sexiest lord in town -- and it just so happens that his lusty gaze sees something worth having in the inexperienced lass . The question becomes, will the untouched damsel truly enjoy the wanton acts of debauchery that she has always dreamed about?

Anna will soon discover that the mature lord has a sizable package of his own for her to handle...

This brief story is one of sexy romps and bodice-ripping excitement! Expect nothing less!

'Taken by the Well-Endowed Lord' is tagged as:

  • humor 5
  • regency 5
  • historical 5
  • victorian 5
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