Gay Romance: Finding A New Love (MM Romance #4)

by Alex E. Ross

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Gay Romance: Finding A New Love by Alex E. Ross
Jeremiah is bound and determined to have Steve get back out into the dating world after a divorce from his wife. Steve was married at nineteen and now here he was at forty-two single once again. Taking Steve out to the bar with him by the end of the night they each had a woman to bring back to Jeremiah's house, though the night hadn't gone as planned.
The rest of the week, Jeremiah and Steve hang out and bond more and more. Getting closer and closer to each other.

When Jeremiah suggests that they change the rules of a card game they are playing is when Steve finds out more about Jeremiah and realizes that they are becoming closer with each other in the ways that he never thought of before. As the night goes on the card game gets more interesting and Steve realizes that his life is going to change forever.
With troubles coming his way he knows that he has to decide what to do. To make him happy or to make others happy. Will Steve choose to make his life simple or will he choose to make him happy and take a road that could lead him down a world of stress and hardship?

Due to sexual content and heavy subject matter, including gay sex, this book is recommended for ages 18+

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Gay Romance: Finding A New Love by Alex E. Ross