Loving Luke (Cookies and Kisses)

by Cecelia Dowdy

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Loving Luke (Cookies and Kisses) by Cecelia Dowdy
When Kim Taylor returns to Bethlehem to run her family’s cookie shop, her life is in shambles. She’s hurting from her broken engagement, her mom’s recently died and, she’s unemployed. She also doesn’t get along with her dad. She’s always felt like she’s played second fiddle to her perfect older sister, Tina. She secretly longs for her father to love her the way he loves her sibling.
She’s stunned when Luke Barnes, her former high school boyfriend, strolls into her cookie shop.
Recently widowed, Luke Barnes has returned to Bethlehem to raise his daughter, Lisa, in a wholesome environment. When Kim offers Lisa a job in her shop, Luke is hesitant to accept. After all, Kim was wild in high school and he doesn’t want his daughter being mentored by someone with an unsavory past.
Seeing Kim causes Luke’s dormant feelings to unfurl, but, falling for Kim is not on his agenda right now. He’s determined to provide a better way of life for his daughter. Struggling to get his college degree, he’s failing calculus, and it appears that Kim is the only person who has the knack to tutor him. Can he continue to ignore their shared attraction as they work together to pass his class?

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Loving Luke (Cookies and Kisses) by Cecelia Dowdy