Beginning: A Rose Kelly Novelette (Rose Kelly Novelettes #1)

by Tim Knox

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Beginning: A Rose Kelly Novelette by Tim Knox
Fiery red-headed southern girl, Rose Kelly, dreamed of leaving the impoverished life she had been born into. The daughter of a poor sharecropper and his housemaid wife, Rose loved her parents completely, but she knew she would never be happy living the life they led. Rose longed for a life beyond the farm and she would do anything to see her dreams fulfilled. When she was offered the chance to leave her old life behind when she was just seventeen, Rose got on a bus headed for Nashville and never looked back. She would spend her life covering world events for various news services and leaving a string of broken hearts along the way. She would ride around Memphis with a young Elvis Presley, dine at the White House with the Kennedy brothers, dodge bullets with Fidel Castro, and dance naked at Woodstock. Now eighty years old and living out her last days in the Pleasant Valley Nursing Home & Hospice, Rose regales residents with the tales of her travels. And she swears that every word is true.

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Beginning: A Rose Kelly Novelette by Tim Knox