CIA Fall Guy

by Phyllis Zimbler Miller

3.00 · 2 ratings · Published: Jun 4th, 2012  | 

CIA Fall Guy by Phyllis Zimbler Miller
When Beth Parsons is summoned to CIA headquarters for the bogus purpose of identifying someone from her past, she realizes she must find out what is really going on.

Forced to partner with the man who may have been responsible for her husband's death, she has to unmask the real traitors or end up as the fall guy.After the CIA driver who brought her to D.C. is shot and killed, Beth escapes her CIA "babysitter" and sets off to discover why she is suddenly once again in the world of spies and double agents.

Her quest takes her to Europe and then back to the U.S., and pairs her with a mysterious man who may or may not be on her side.

If you like espionage stories and tales of intrigue -- especially ones with a dash of romantic suspense, CIA FALL GUY is for you!

Bonus: Excerpt of cozy mystery CAST THE FIRST STONE included.

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  • suspense 5
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CIA Fall Guy by Phyllis Zimbler Miller