The Cinderella Scheme

by Toni Blake

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The Cinderella Scheme by Toni Blake
What's a down-on-her-luck girl to do?

Cassie Turner thought life in the big city would hold more than slaving away as a diner waitress. Worse yet, she dumps a drink on the hottest guy she’s ever seen, extinguishing any spark of romance and ruining what is surely an expensive tie—since it’s around the neck of wealthy, eligible CEO Evan Hunt.

If only she had a fairy godmother...

So when her friend produces a ticket to a glamorous gala and the makeover to match, Cassie agrees to escape her dreary life for one night. One that turns magical when Evan only has eyes for her. After she lets him believe she’s a successful, sophisticated businesswoman, he wants her in his boardroom—and his bedroom. Only soon she’s too deep in lies to have a fairytale ending, but too deep in love to let the clock strike midnight on their relationship…

The Cinderella Scheme was originally published in a different form in 1998. This edition has been significantly expanded and revised.

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The Cinderella Scheme by Toni Blake