Homestead Hope: Essie's Story (Dakota Mail Order Brides #4)

by Jenny Creek Tanner

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Homestead Hope: Essie's Story by Jenny Creek Tanner
If only I could meet my prince , Essie thought. Like the fairy tales she’d read in one of the books she’d borrowed. Young maidens were always rescued by handsome princes, or at least well-meaning young men. Where was her prince? Gus wished she could have her happy ending. And, by gum, she deserved it. But there wasn’t anything he could do to help her. Nothing he could do to make some man swoop in and sweep her off her feet. But neither of them realized what God had in store for them.

It's 1862, and four orphaned sisters find themselves in the bustling city of Yankton in the Dakota Territory when one of them accepts a marriage proposal from a young man who needs to marry to stake a homestead claim. In this clean Western romance series, author Jenny Creek Tanner weaves a heartwarming tale of the love the sisters have for each other, and the love they find with the rugged men of the homestead prairies of Dakota.

˃˃˃ Meet Essie Cummins. . .

The youngest Cummins sister loves to read. Her mind is always in the clouds, daydreaming about the books she reads, and she yearns for a handsome prince to come into her life and sweep her off her feet. Her three sisters have found their own princes, and she wonders if she will ever find her true love.

˃˃˃ Meet Gus McNeal. . .

Wounded in battle in the Civil War, his limp is a constant reminder of the pain of war. But it hides a pain deeper than just a physical pain. He yearns for someone to love, but he thinks his gruff manner and the scars he bears from war are too much to overcome for any woman to love him, especially Essie Cummins.

Will Essie discover that the attentions of a handsome cowboy aren't what they appear?

Will Gus' desire to protect Essie grow into a realization that true love can overcome the scars of war?

And will the both learn that God always finds a way to work everything for good?

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˃˃˃ The "Dakota Mail Order Brides" series includes:

Book 1 - "Homestead HEART: Winnie's Story"

Book 2 - "Homestead FAITH: Bettie's Story"

Book 3 - "Homestead COURAGE: Callie's Story"

Book 4 - "Homestead HOPE: Essie's Story"

This book is the fourth in the series, and can be read as a stand-alone book as well.

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Homestead Hope: Essie's Story by Jenny Creek Tanner