Wild Ride: A Novel

by Octavia Wildwood

3.67 · 6 ratings · Published: Sep 14th, 2015  | 

Wild Ride: A Novel by Octavia Wildwood
Good girl Maggie Avery lives a quiet life in rural Minnesota. Sure, her life isn't going exactly the way she'd hoped, but that's a dumb reason to go running off with a gorgeous, brooding biker...isn't it? He's so kind and protective of her that it's hard to believe he's part of a criminal organization - but he is.

Angel Rodriguez is tough by necessity, not by choice. The tattooed bad boy hasn't had an easy time of things. Maybe that's part of his attraction to Maggie; she represents everything he's always wanted but has never had. And he desperately wishes he was good enough for her.

There's something downright sexual about riding on the back of Angel's motorcycle, bodies close together, separated only by leather. Maggie is infatuated with the troubled biker, but it quickly becomes clear that the motorcycle club he belongs to is endangering them both.

Though he does his best to shield Maggie from harm, Angel can only do so much. He’s caught between two worlds and is in an impossible situation. He vows to protect Maggie come hell or high water, but is it a promise he will be able to keep?

This is a standalone novel that contains explicit adult situations.

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Wild Ride: A Novel by Octavia Wildwood