Equilibrium: A Marauders Interlude

Lina Andersson

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[?] · 9 ratings · Published: 24 Nov 2015

Equilibrium: A Marauders Interlude by Lina Andersson
Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Sometimes they’re minor league, a mild irritation. Sometimes they’re game changers, life-altering, knock ‘em out of the park kinda big. Eliza thought she knew what track her life was on, but then life threw her one of those major league style curve balls.

Roach isn’t even sure what normal is anymore, he’s been thrown so many curve balls in his life. The whole 2.4 kids, white picket fence is entirely beyond his realm of comprehension. He’s an ex-street kid who found a home in an MC. He knows survival. That’s all he needs to know.

Eliza thinks she’s surviving, but Roach knows what surviving looks like, and what Eliza is doing ain’t it. He should keep his nose out of the club princess’s business, but he can’t help but be drawn in. He’s not even sure how or why it happened, but there is something there. A spark, maybe the will to fight, and for some reason he wants to help her.

Eliza knows she’s adrift, but she’s so far gone she doesn’t know how to get back. She’s just getting more and more lost, until the new Marauder from New York calls her on her shit.

Eliza needs to find her equilibrium, and Roach can help her. But as he’s doing so, she shakes him to his core, and he realizes he needs to find his own balance again.
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