Tall, Dark, and Kilted (The Ravenscraig Legacy #3)

by Allie Mackay, Sue-Ellen Welfonder

3.75 · 8 ratings · Published: Jan 16th, 2016  | 

Tall, Dark, and Kilted by Allie Mackay, Sue-Ellen Welfonder
What’s an age-old curse compared to a modern woman’s charm?

Cilla Swanner has been jilted by her lover, and she is struggling with a jewelry business that’s far from sparkling. She needs a getaway someplace quiet and remote. Someplace like Dunroamin Castle in Scotland. But what she finds there may be more than she can handle.

Centuries ago, the roguish Scots knight known as Hardwick was renowned for his swordmanship, both on and off the battlefield. But a traveling bard cursed him to wander the world forever, pleasing a different woman each night with no hope of fulfillment or true love. Then Hardwick meets Cilla, who may be his only chance for salvation.

“Tall, Dark, and Kilted is outlandishly funny one minute and seductively sensual the next.”
~ Wild on Books

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  • time travel 5
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  • highlander 5
  • medieval 5
  • historical 5
  • ancient times 5
  • fantasy 5
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  • contemporary 2
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Tall, Dark, and Kilted by Allie Mackay, Sue-Ellen Welfonder