Sensual Danger (Venice Vampyr #4)

by Tina Folsom

4.00 · 8 ratings · Published: Jun 4th, 2013  | 

Sensual Danger by Tina Folsom
Venice, Italy - early 1800s

When vampire Nico purchases a house to further his fellow vampires' goal of creating a secure compound within Venice, he doesn't expect to get a headstrong wife in the bargain. He plans to send her to the mainland after their wedding night so he can continue his debauched bachelor life.

But when he meets the unexpectedly beautiful Oriana for the first time, his plans are forgotten. However, Oriana would rather pursue her scientific research than play the submissive wife to her new husband.

When Nico finds out that his wife has secrets that could endanger not only him, but the entire vampire population of Venice, he has to make a choice: get rid of her, or seduce her to join his side. Luckily, seduction is what Nico does best ...

Erotic vampire novella - approx. 110 pages

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Sensual Danger by Tina Folsom