Rykhan (Mate Search #1)

by J.A. Hornbuckle

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Rykhan by J.A. Hornbuckle
*Note: This is the expanded full length novel from ‘Mate Search – Full Contact’, a novella previously included in the anthology, Love Without Boundaries.*

Twenty –five years after a poisonous gas from a passing comet’s tail killed every living female on their planets, the remaining populace of Galaxia and Nutrol knew they were doomed to extinction unless a solution was found. After the other two planets in the Picari star system adamantly denied to supply help, there had been no other choice but to launch a handful of droids programmed to discover sentient humanoid life in the far flung corners of the universe.
After one droid sent back streaming videos of a tiny blue world in a star system light years away, hope grew. And rejoicing exploded throughout both planets when their programmers discovered thousands and thousands of females seeking a mates on Earth’s global communication system. With no time to lose, the finest scientists and engineers scrambled to build and outfit a star cruiser to carry a conclave of chosen warriors to the new planet called ‘Earth’.
The goals of the first quest were simple: within six months of landing each warrior would find and secure a mate, pair with the female before returning to the Picari system.
As one of the six warriors selected for the initial mission, Rykhan Nillr was the perfect choice. He was a loyal officer of the Picari Protectorate, a confident peace-keeper and had the ability to adapt to new worlds and new situations. But none of his skills and training prepared him for meeting Leah, during his very first foray on the planet’s surface. Even after only spending a few minutes in her company, Rykhan was convinced he’d found his life mate.
When Leah, accompanied by her best friend Pam, attended her first speed-dating event, she didn’t have much hope in meeting someone, much less connecting with a gorgeous, foreign hunk of a guy who made no bones about his interest in her. But his courtship was slow, and when he still hadn’t made a move by their sixth date, Leah challenged him to kiss her.
Their lip joining was the catalyst for a chain of events that turned Leah’s life upside down. Whether it was the surprising metal bracelet that grew out of her arm, her assisting Rykhan’s group in their search for suitable partners or her fear of Rykhan’s long term goals, each issue only enriched their relationship, bringing the couple closer.
And it was their deep connection that revealed the original Picari mission was a ruse, hiding the Quest Committee’s true nefarious goals for the quest.

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Rykhan by J.A. Hornbuckle