Role of a Lifetime

by Amanda Wilhelm

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Role of a Lifetime by Amanda Wilhelm
Kelly Rockport had spent close to twenty years building the movie star career that all actors dream of. Occasionally he tires of what feels like playing the same character, over and over again, but with all the fame and fortune he has achieved, he doesn't feel he has the right to complain or worry about it.

Holly Sawyer had spent her life living for her daughter, ever since the accident that tore her family in two, more than fifteen years ago. Now Lia is moving on with her life, leaving for college, as she should, and Holly has no idea what she should do next.

A chance meeting and a common interest led to more than the two of them ever thought possible. When Kelly is offered a role that may finally bring him the critical acclaim he had all but given up on, he is thrilled. And the fact that Holly is there to share it with him makes him happier than he ever believed he could be. Holly, however, isn't positive she is cut out for the spotlight.

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Role of a Lifetime by Amanda Wilhelm