by Sheri Lewis Wohl

3.50 · 2 ratings · Published: Apr 12th, 2016  | 

Necromantia by Sheri Lewis Wohl
When seeing dead people is more than a movie tagline.

Circe Latham’s secret has always set her apart from everyone, but these days she uses it to bring home those whose lives are stolen too soon. Alongside her search dog, Zelda, she is able to make a difference, and the chance to work a case with her high school crush, Deputy Sheriff Katie Carlisle, is an exciting challenge. Until the case takes a deadly turn and her own life hangs in the balance. In order to save herself, Circe must do the one thing she swore never to do again: share her secret. Will her trust in Katie be strong enough to save her life or will she too fall victim to one who calls himself The Cleaner?

'Necromantia' is tagged as:

  • f-f 6
  • paranormal 6
  • fantasy 5
  • mystery 3
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Necromantia by Sheri Lewis Wohl