Roughshod (Cowboy Roundup)

by Dale Chase

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Roughshod  (Cowboy Roundup) by Dale Chase
Nineteen-year-old budding gunslinger Ben Wylie sparks the interest of Cal Decker, the real thing, when the older man keeps the younger from a needless killing. Smitten, Cal attempts to reel in the hotheaded Ben, only to be drawn into such an extent he assists the kid in escaping after a shooting. Even as Cal sees Ben as the worst kind of killer, the kind looking for more, he cannot resist Ben’s youthful attributes. Cal uses his years of experience to outwit the law, but can these men have a life together on the run? Cal is willing to try.

NOTE: This story appears in the anthology, "Cowboy Roundup" edited by Drew Hunt, available in e-book and print formats. Buy the collection and get 16 great gay cowboy stories in one awesome anthology!

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Roughshod  (Cowboy Roundup) by Dale Chase