Judge (Barely After Dark #3)

by Elle Thorne

4.50 · 2 ratings · Published: Apr 14th, 2016  | 

Judge by Elle Thorne
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Judge del Cruz followed in his older brothers’ footsteps, serving in the Shifter Compliance Unit. He never thought much about returning to the mountain range where he spent so much of his teen years. Those were the happiest days of his life, but being an Enforcer allows him to stay too busy to dwell on any of his past.
But the call to return to Bear Canyon Mountain Range is too powerful. So he packs up, ready to see his own cabin at the top of the range.
What he didn’t plan on, seeing, the curvy bootilicious Alanna who pushes his buttons, in all the wrong ways—and yet by damn, in all the right ones too!

BBW Paranormal Shape Shifter Romance

If hot sex skeeves you out, you may want to pass on this book.
If freaky, downright dirty sexy talk bothers you, yeah, for sure you gotta pass on this one.
We believe in sex--hot, dirty, delicious sex.
Yup, make it sweaty, too. It's not just sex, it's about the romance.
But good romance has sex, and we keep the doors open! Oh, and the lights on! ;)

'Judge' is tagged as:

  • science fiction 5
  • futuristic 5
  • witches 5
  • shapeshifters 5
  • fantasy 5
  • multicultural 5
  • paranormal 5
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Judge by Elle Thorne