Amish Vengeance (The Amish Faith #1)

by Saraah Sowell

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Amish Vengeance by Saraah Sowell

Will she choose this man who wants hurt her and let this secret be hidden by by marrying a man whom she doesn’t like?

A successful business executive is making a lot of money, Jennifer Simons is nevertheless unmarried still at twenty-eight years old. The Englischer world would not be impressed by her solitude, but her Amish family is growing more concerned for her with each passing year. She has turned down numerous proposals; including a few from what her mother believed were excellent matches. The beauty cannot be persuaded to marry, or so it seems, because no one tugs at her heartstrings.

Although she puts up a facade of aloofness, Jennifer longs to go back to her teenage years, when she met a handsome boy over one special summer. He held her heart in his hands then, but at the end of the summer, tragedy changed her life. Now she has decided to keep her heart locked away forever, never allowing anyone to break it again.

“I hate you, Ashton. Just leave. I don’t want to hear a word from you anymore. I would trust a dog before putting my trust back in you. And you are wrong. I don’t have any feelings for you...

At twenty years old, Ashton Vaughn met the love of his life—a beautiful Amish girl who lived a life totally different from his upbringing. Because of a pact between other teenagers, he makes a vow to score the pretty girl before anyone else can claim her innocence. However, he didn’t count on falling in love or losing his heart to her so quickly.

Decades later, with a failing business in hand and a dying father, Ashton goes to a local restaurant chain to pitch a proposal that could mean saving his family’s business. When he greets the CEO for the first time, everything changes…it’s Jenny, the flame he’s never been able to extinguish. Instead of accepting his proposal, she has one of her own though—and it will change both of them forever.

Will Jennifer ever be able to forgive Ashton for the past or will she choose to marry her mother’s choice instead?

Can Ashton win back the woman he loves or is it too late to try again?

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Amish Vengeance by Saraah Sowell