To Survive Divinity

by M N Henschen

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To Survive Divinity by M N Henschen
Seven hundred years after The Cataclysm, gods walk the earth, and all the old religions have been banned. Every year, six women are given as Offerings to the gods of War and Death. Those who complete the Disciplines are made Brides for the god to whom they were offered. Those who do not are forever forgotten.
Being chosen is the honor of a lifetime, but for fiery Kaija, a non-believer, it is a prison sentence. Letting go of her old life as a free woman is difficult, and Kaija's feisty spirit might get her into trouble. It will definitely get her noticed.
Carrying with her an illegal copy of a Holy Book, Kaija is on a mission to both survive and keep her faith in the face of very real, manifest gods. If she fails, she disappears forever, but if she succeeds, it might just change the world. In this dark tale of romance, endurance, and inner strength, Kaija will learn the pain of loss, the heartache of failure, the wonder of redemption, and the power of love. She'll learn Death isn't as frightening as it seems.
Does Kaija have what it takes to survive divinity?

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To Survive Divinity by M N Henschen