The Alpha Pack - Part One: Omega for Sale

by D.J. Heart, Brett Horne

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The Alpha Pack - Part One: Omega for Sale by D.J. Heart, Brett Horne
Sam has no idea how he's supposed to handle this.

He's always known that he'd have to marry an alpha someday—he's an omega, that's just the way of things—but never could he have imagined that he'd find himself mated to a whole pack of them.

And not just alphas. Alpha werewolves.

How is that even supposed to work? A single alpha can wear out an omega if they're not careful. How is Sam supposed to handle six of them?

Sam has no choice but to find out...

(This 11,000 word story is part one of a six part serial. It features an inexperienced omega who finds himself mated to a group of kinky alphas. It contains BDSM, knotting, rough sex, pain-play, domination, leather worship and much more. Do not read if any of these kinks bother you!)

Sam folded his hands in his lap and tried to keep his nerves in check. He’d never been this close to an alpha before, and the experience was jarring.

It was a beautiful day outside, the summer breeze making the leaves in the old oak outside the window dance, but Sam paid it no mind. Every ounce of his attention was focused on the alpha sitting across the room; perched on the edge of the sofa like he was worried the fabric might contaminate his impeccable suit.

The alpha was taller than Sam by almost a foot, his jacket and pants doing nothing to hide the size of his biceps or the thickness of his thighs—and just looking at his chiseled face made Sam’s insides feel strange and tingly.

It almost made him forget that his world was ending.

Sam looked away and forced himself to take a mental step back and calm down. His life wasn’t ending—he wasn’t going to die or anything—but it was going to change in ways he couldn’t even imagine.

The alpha was there to marry him.

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The Alpha Pack - Part One: Omega for Sale by D.J. Heart, Brett Horne