Bastards Bride

by Sabrina Riley

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Bastards Bride by Sabrina Riley
She left me. I never even knew about my son...

Sarah was the one that got away. She was gorgeous and too smart for her own good.
Always quick to tell me off, I knew that I had to have her. She was down for spring break
and things turned heated when I finally convinced her to give me a chance. Sarah was as
amazing in bed as she was out of it and I had to have more of her.

I was ready for more, running through women no longer appealed. I started to think
about Sarah being my wife, having m children, maybe even a picket fence outside. She
was perfect for me, not letting me get away with anything, yet submitting beautifully to
me each night. It was all so perfect.

She resisted when I asked her to marry me, but I convinced her again like I had once before.
I was ready to say my vows and marry her. Sarah was the best thing that had
ever happened to me and I was ready to start a life with her.

But Sarah wasn’t ready and left me at the altar. She broke my heart and I knew then that
I would never love again.

Then I see here from across a parking lot, seven years later with the son that I never
knew I had. I was going to make her mine again and this time, she would not be able to

The man I love doesn’t know I had his baby…

Seven years ago I met Seth. I knew that he was a bad boy and would break my heart. He
was into drugs and crime, but when he looked at me with those dark eyes, I was unable
to say no. He took me with a passion that I had never felt before and soon I was

But then I got knocked up and everything changed. I couldn’t raise my son with him.

So I ran right in the middle of our vows. I couldn’t face him and I just went as far away
as I could to never see him again.

Now he is back and wants to make it work. He is there on a job, the very reason I can’t
be with him. But when he kisses me, I start to forget all of the danger.

Grab this steamy,bad boy new college romance today! For fans of Sosie Frost and Sabrina Paige! This book contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.


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Bastards Bride by Sabrina Riley