She's Too Young (She’s Too Young #2)

by Jessa Kane

3.74 · 10 ratings · Published: May 13th, 2016  | 

She's   Too Young by Jessa Kane
I lost her once. It won’t happen twice.

I went to extremes to make her mine—and when the secret was revealed that I’d purchased too-young Veda from her father, she left me. Now that I have her home and I can breathe again, my life goal is to keep her. Forever. Unfortunately, her eighteenth birthday means she can walk away at any time. Earning her trust means facing the ultimate test of my sanity. Giving her the choice I didn’t give her in the beginning and hoping like hell she chooses me.

*Author Note* This book is a sequel. The first book (She's Too Young) is available for FREE at

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She's   Too Young by Jessa Kane